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- "I can vouch for this stand, it is very well designed, is heavy duty and Scott has put a lot of effort into making it a very practicle product.

Because the stand breaks in the middle, it can travel in most any type of luggage.

We have sold many of Scott's stands to KISS and Meg students and they have worked out very well and I highly recommend his product. "

Curt McNamee

- "Based on Mel and Curt's suggestion we bought one of Scott's stands for my wife's rig when we did the training with Mel and Curt in February.

The ability to take the stand apart for ease of travel, the extra areas to clip things to, the stability of a butt mounted tank, and the rigidy of Scott's stand are what set it apart from XXX's XXX stand.

Don't get me wrong, I like the XXX stand, but I just recently bought another of Scott's stands for my CK as it is a bit more utilitarian and the ability to break it down for travel makesa big difference to me."
(Other Manufacturer name edited to 'XXX')

- "I have been using Scott's stand on a Meg for about a month. Quality built and rock solid when bolted to the backplate. Scott shipped in a timely fashion. Rides well in the water and suitable for travel. ..."

- "... I must say, having the stand on the rig makes a number of things out of the water MUCH easier. Mounting and removing the scrubber canister is a snap. No more block of wood needed to raise the rig for donning, and the rig is of course WAY more stable on the workbench and on the boat bench with the stand.

... The handle and base make it easy to get the rig in and out of the car .... And they also really help when handing the rig down to crew when boarding the boat near low tide, and likewise when handing the rig up to someone on the dock.

In the water, we did not notice any trim issues. We did not try mounting the suit inflation bottle in the stand yet, but as we use a very small bottle (6cf) I don't think doing so will change trim at all. We both could easily reach the base, so it might make sense to stow a lift bag in the base as well, instead of in a backplate pad as we are doing now. ..."

- "My buddy has one of scott's stands and I think it is much better then the XXX Stand.

I have been thinking of selling my stand and buying one of these. My stand works.. but I like how this breaks apart. I like the milled out holes for stove bolts in the bottom to help with tightening up the back piece of the stand... This is an issue on my stand. I find These bolts come loose or worse I loose on unless I put a wrench on it..

This simple Milled out square hole and a stove bolt are fantastic...
Anyone want a XXX Stand??? "
(Other Manufacturer name edited to 'XXX')

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