The Base

The Base and Canister support are standard for all compatible rebreather models 
(with the exception of the sport KISS, which has a special support plate.)

Features & Benefits:

    - Raises the rebreather approximately 6" (12 cm)
    - 8 individual Accessory mounting points.
    - Removable canister support.
        - For KISS Classic users: The Scrubber Canister can be removed without removing the Argon bottle.
    - Large storage area.
    - Works with Suit Inflation Support Brackets for your Argon tank.
    - Attachment points for Bungee &/or Cam Strap to hold suit inflation tank or other accessories.


                The Base                                                        With Bungee and 'extension' D-Rings Installed

    For more information on the Extension D-Rings, 
    including why I added them and how, Click HERE

                 Installation in Progress

        Installed on a KISS Classic