Please note:  I am Currently out of stock of the travel stand base section.  If there is interest, I will get more made.
                      Add-on components and spares (except the Base section) are still available.
  Universal CCR Travel Stand                            $275 USD
        - 1 Base Section
        - 1 Canister Support
        - 1 Handle style of your choice
        - 1 Set of suit inflation bottle support brackets of your choice
        - 1 Set of Stainless Steel Hardware for attaching the Canister Support to the Base Section
    Handle                                                            $40 USD
        - Replacement or alternate style
    Suit Inflation Support Bracket Set                  $20 USD     (At time of initial purchase, otherwise, $30 CAD)
        - Replacement or alternate style
        - Each set contains 2 pieces
    Stainless Steel Hardware Set                         $5 USD
        - Spares, just in case ;-)
        - Each set contains:
                - 2 Carriage Bolts
                - 2 Fender Washers
                - 2 Wing Nuts
Shipping & Handling:
    Continential USA & Canada  
        12 Business Day Service                               $35 USD
        3-4 Business Day Service                              $47 USD
    For S&H of Bulk (2+ Units), Individual components, and/or destinations 
    not shown, please Contact me for a quote.

Payment Methods:

         Personal Check  (Canadian and US customers only) 


 Please note  - To keep costs down, I have not increased the price to cover extra fees. 
                    - PayPal customers in the US & Canada, please add 3% to cover transaction fees.
- PayPal customers NOT in the US & Canada, please add 4% to cover transaction fees
                    - No additional fee for Personal Checks
- If paying by check, there will be a delay to confirm, with my bank, that the check clears
Pricing subject to change without warning.