How to Order

6 Easy Steps:
1) Decide what you would like:
        - Number of Stands
        - Handle Style
        - Suit Inflation Bracket Style
        - Additional Parts (ie, both Bracket &/or Handle styles)
2) Send me an email with:
        - What you would like (From Step 1)
        - Your Rebreather Brand and Model
        Shipping method preference 
        - Payment method preference 
            - If PayPal, include your PayPal account email
        - Your contact & shipping information
3) I'll reply back with:
        - Confirmation of your order.
        - Confirmation of the total price.
        - Final payment instructions based on your preferred payment method
4) Send Payment
5) I'll ship out your purchase as soon as possible.
        (Once payment is received)
6) Go Diving and Enjoy!