Design Concept

The reason I developed a stand were for ease of gearing up (I'm tall and found it difficult with every CCR I've had a chance to test fit), for storage (either Suit inflation, SMB, &/or other accessories), and for ease of transporting/moving the unit around. (A good anchor/handle). 
From those basics, I have designed in many other features...
Some of the main benefits of my stand are:
- Increase the height of your rebreather by approximately 6" (15 cm)
                - Easier to gear up in any location - boat, picnic table, rear of car, etc.
- 1/4" Marine Grade Aluminum
                - Corrosion resistant and light weight - less than 4 ½  lbs (2.1 kg)
                                    (Raw weight, not shipping weight)

- Collapsible for Travel
                - When installed for use, it is as strong as if it were a single piece of Metal.                    
                - When not attached to the rebreather, each component can easily fit in any carry-on luggage.
                - If not for this feature, any traveler would HAVE to check the stand, risking lost luggage & therefore use.
                - If shipping, reduces the overall length of container required, saving on shipping costs.
- Uses standard 11" Bolt spacing
                - Can be made to work with virtually any rebreather that attaches to a standard BP/W

- Integrated Suit Inflation Mounting

- Many attachment points for the user to clip on accessories for out-of-the-way storage while diving

- 2 Handle options

For information on purchasing your very own stand, check out the Ordering Page.