Compatible Units

Links to each manufacturer is provided on the Links page

KISS Rebreathers by Jetsam Technologies
        - KISS Classic
        - Sport KISS  (Using a special Sport KISS rear plate)
 Hammerhead Rebreathers by Juergensen Marine
        - Original Canister
        - Standard Canister
        - 'Hobo' Canister (by Golem Gear)
Megalodon Rebreathers by InnerSpace Systems Corp

        - Standard Canister
        - "Mini-MEG"
                                   - 'Cave' Canister 


Prism Topaz Rebreather by Steam Machines, Inc.

    - For use with the:
             + Prism Mini-Frame by Sunkmail Creations
             + Prism Adapter Plate by Deep Sea Supply

      Homebuilds by You 
      Almost any rebreather that uses a standard 11" bolt spacing will work 
        (Some minor stand modification MAY be required)
I am always on the lookout for other units that I can accommodate ... If you have a unit not listed above, send me a message and I'll check for compatibility. 
For information on purchasing your very own Universal CCR Travel Stand, check out the How to Order page.