"Soft" Handle

This Handle was designed for use with a wide variety of units.

Features & Benefits:

    - Customize your handle's length & style for your perfect fit/feel.
    - Can use 1 large or 2 smaller handle loops, depending on your preference
    - Handle totally accessible when needed, can be tucked in while diving
    - Nothing to potentially snag - If securely tucked in.
    - Can be moved to/used on different units.
    - Can leave the strap/handle part off and use purely to raise the canister.

* Please Note: The handle does not come with webbing, straps, or tubing for creating your hand holds. *


The Bottom Left picture shows one example of how you can customize the soft handle to your preference.

The Bottom Right picture shows the handle installed on a KISS Classic with the handles brought forward for viewing.

From the Front and back, with handles placed out of the way.                                      On a Hammerhead

Notice how the Handle is below the height of the canister - Allowing unhindered movement of your head.