Rinsing Stand

Not too long ago I decided to make make myself a rinsing and drying stand. 
To keep the costs down, I designed it to be made primarily from standard 2x4s and have as little waste as possible.
    -The entire waste was 2 pieces of 2x4 about 6" long.   

I was able to find some plywood around the house to use for the flat parts, and an old broom handle to the cross bar.
The bar for the boot and suit hangers was an old shower rod.  (To buy new, you would be looking at an extra $20 or so, above the cost, below)

Total cost for the entire project: $40, plus the time to put it together!   (Well, and the hours of design time)
It works gerat for CCR and OC! 
I'm planning to add a few little hooks to the side to hange my accesories off, but otherwise I couldn't be happier!
I'd be happy to share the plans and all I ask is a small donation, of your choice, to my website. :-)

    Raw Materials
       Almost Done
(I ran out of paint, so it's looking a little funny right now, until I get around to finishing it up.)