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When you first get your Mini-Frame, you will need to do a little work ...

IMPORTANT:  Read all steps before starting assembly.

If you plan to use your mini-frame only when travelling, I highly suggest you practice doing at least a couple of changeovers before your trip.
   If possible, I would also suggest getting in a couple of dives with your new configuration before getting on a plane. :)

Steps for changing over from the OEM Plastic Case to the Sunkmail Creations Mini-Frame:

1) Disassemble your PRISM from the plastic case completely.
        - Keep all mounting hardware!

2) Install Tank mounting system of choice

3) Mount the head section to the mounting holes at the top of the frame, using the original mounting hardware.
            NOTE: Images shown without Tank mounting for clarity.

4) Choose from one of the Mounting Methods, below:
        a) Sunkmail Creations Universal CCR Travel Stand
        b) DSS Adapter Plate
        c) Both of the above

5) Tanks and other accessories can be added here, or prior to Step 4.  (For initial Set-up, I suggest after)

6) Test for position (up/down) comfort. Adjust your preferred mounting method position as desired.
    6b) Repeat test, if needed

6) Go Diving!

        - Be aware that you will have to do a weight check, and may need to adjust weight positioning, for ideal trim.


    a)  Universal CCR Travel Stand Mounting

            - Thread appropriate length, fully threaded, SS Bolt through Mini-Frame mounting holes  (Length will vary slightly depending on individual set-ups, 1-1/2" is a good starting point)
                    (Start with the Center mounting position for top and bottom, adjust for comfort later)

            - Lay unit on it's back (Bolt threads up)

            - Place stand in position over the threaded bolts
                    (The bottom of the scrubber canister should be at the level of the Canister Support flange.)

            - Add Back-Plate & Wing           (Images below from a KISS Classic set-up, but the steps are the same)


    b) DSS Adapter Plate

            - Bolt the Adapter plate onto the Mini-Frame using the same method as with the OEM Plastic Case
                    (6 Mounting holes are provided on the Mini-Frame to match up with the Holes on the DSS Plate)

            - Attach Back-Plate & Wing to the DSS Plate Bolts

        (Sorry, I don't have a picture of this method implemented)

    c) Universal CCR Travel Frame & Adapter Plate

            - Two methods are available with this method:

                    Option 1 allows for a quick change between using the adapter plate, or not.

                    Option 2 slightly increases rigidity and does not require changes to the 'DSS Plate', at the expense of an easy switch.

                        Note: Both options may require longer mounting bolts.

                Option 1:
                        - Follow Method 'a', except for last step (Adding the BP/W)
                        - Remove the Threaded Studs from the 'DSS Plate' and (if needed) Drill holes larger, to allow the next step.
                        - Slide Adapter plate over the threaded studs protruding from the Mini-Frame, sandwiching the Stand.
                        - Optional - Secure 'DSS Plate' to Mini-Frame using perimeter Mounting holes per standard mounting. 
                                            (A good compromise between option 1 & 2's benefits)                        
                        - Attach Back-Plate & Wing to the Protruding Bolts.

                Option 2:
                        - Use short bolts to attach the Universal CCR Travel Stand to the Mini-Frame securely.
                        - Install the 'DSS Plate' using the perimeter mounting holes.  (Longer bolts and/or spacer nuts may be required)
                        - Attach Back-Plate & Wing to the 'DSS Plate' protruding bolts.

Special Thanks to Jerry Lucas for all images, without the sunkmail watermark, on this page.