Prism Mini-Frame

Do you want your Prism to be compatible with your BP/W?

Have you been thinking how to ditch the plastic support frame?

Have you ever tried to travel by plane with your Prism?    
            - I bet you didn't want to trust your kit to the luggage conveyor belts, drops, and possible mishandling - or even worse: 'sticky' fingers. 

Have you tried to fit a complete Prism unit into a carry-on size bag?   
            - I bet you had trouble getting it to fit.

These are just some of the reasons behind the Sunkmail Creations Prism Topaz Mini-Frame!  
(This is a prototype. Current version is very slightly different)           Installed with a Sunkmail Universal CCR Travel Stand, with 'Rigid Handle'

Replacing your existing OEM Plastic case/frame, the mini-frame was designed to work with your 
Sunkmail Creations Universal CCR Travel Stand, or  with the Deep Sea Supply (DSS) Adapter Plate, to provide
support for your bottles, and to add protection to your rebreather head and scrubber canister.

Some of the benefits:
    - Marine Grade Aluminum
                - 1/4" For Structural Support and rigidity.
                - Corrosion resistant 
                - Light weight - Great for travel - Only 4 ¾ lbs  (2.16 kg)

    - Small Size            
                - When attached to the rebreather, without tanks, can fit in standard carry-on luggage.
                - Quick & Easy to assemble/disassemble.
                - Did I mention, light weight?
                - When used with the Universal CCR Travel stand, Your entire CCR in carry-on is still possible!
                        (BP/W differences could prevent some set-ups from fitting within carry-on limits)

    - Easy Access
    - Modular Flexibility
                - Can attach virtually any cylinder size, and several different mounting methods, including:

                        - Standard Cam Straps
                        - Tiger mounts
                        - G-Snaps
                        - 'Quick Draw' Bracket
                        - Metalsub
                        - The 'Easy Tank Strap'
                - Using a Sunkmail Creations Universal CCR Travel Stand?
                        -  See the Set-Up Page for information on how to use them together!
                    - No Stand? No Problem!
                        - Connect to the mounting holes on a DSS Adapter Plate.
                    - Sunkmail Stand and DSS Plate?  We can do that too!

                - LOTS of connection points for hose routing & accessory mounting

                            Note: This Frame was designed specifically for the Prism Topaz.
                                             This frame MAY work with other Manufacturer's units, but is yet to be tested on any non-Topaz models
For information on purchasing your very own Mini-Frame, check out the 'How to Order' Page.

Special Thanks to Jerry Lucas for all images, without the sunkmail watermark, on this page.