CCR Dive Log Template

I like recording at least some basic info about each of my dives, but found I was wasting a lot of the space on the log entry pages from my OC days.
To correct the problem, I took a shot at designing a log for rebreather users. Some of the fetures:
  • Can be used for CCR or OC without wasted space - Multi use boxes
  • Quick and easy check boxes where possible - Allowing for fast log entries
  • No repetative data entry
I know this log may not be for everyone, but I like it. :-) 
Feel free to use it for your own, and I welcome comments.
You can print it two-sided and cut down the middle, or just fold along the center. I suggest a heavier weight paper for best results.
(Not cardboard, but a little heavier then standard printer paper)
If you find this template useful and would like to support my efforts, please, 

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