Dive Shops & Charters:
My Favourite Local Shop: 
The Edge Diving Center, North Vancouver, BC
Charters I've used and would recommend:
    Sea Dragon Charters, Vancouver and Nanaimo, BC
    Porpoise Bay Charters, Sechelt, BC
    Hornby island Diving, Hornby Island, BC
    Ogden Point Dive Center, Victoria, BC  

Rebreather Training:
Silent Scuba, Seattle, Washington 
    Mel Clark
    Curt McNamee
Online Dive Forums:
    The Dive Matrix
    KISS Rebreathers (Jetsam Technologies)
     Hammerhead Rebreather (Juergensen Marine)
     Megalodon Rebreathers (InnerSpace Systems Corp)
    Shearwater Research  - Predator Dive Computer
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