When you first get your Travel Frame, you will need to do a little work ...

If you plan to use your frame only when travelling, I highly suggest you practice doing at least a couple of changeovers before your trip.
   If possible, I would also suggest getting in a couple of dives with your new configuration before getting on a plane. :)

Steps for changing over from the KISS CL Case to the Travel Frame:

1) Disassemble your KISS from the CL case completely.
       - This includes:
             - The Head  (Keep the mounting Hardware)
             - CL's
             - Manifold (Keep the mounting Hardware)
             - Tank Support, 'U' shaped channels (Keep the mounting Hardware)
       - You DO NOT need to keep the aluminum 'spine' bar.

2) Mount the Manifold to the Manifold Support, using the original mounting hardware.
          - This is easier to do now, rather than later.   (Trust me!)

3) Mount the U-shaped Channels snugly, but not tight (yet) on the tank support brackets

4) Insert and secure the Tank mounting brackets
          - Note the orientation:
                    - Round Holes, on tank support Brackets, face Outward.  (See below)
                    - Countersunk Holes, on main plate, are on opposite side to Tank supports. (See below)
                    - Manifold mount 'shelf' is pointed towards the tank support brackets. (See below)
          - Use the supplied mounting hardware to secure the brackets
                   - The Manifold mount doubles as the 4th Locking plate.
      Tank Support (U-shaped) Channels not shown for orientation clarity

5) Tighten down the U-shaped Channels
         - You do not need to remove these for future disassembly, unless desired to compact further for travel
                 - Easily removed as a unit (2 tank supports, U-Shaped Channel, and mounting hardware, each side)
         - Suggestion - 

6a) Place the Head Support Bracket in the support/alignment holes of the Base Plate.
        - Using the original Mounting Hardware, secure the head to the Base Plate.
With U-Channels installed

6b) Using the slots on the Tank support bracket, use cam-bands to secure the Head and Cannister to the Frame.
        - The Head Support Bracket is not needed

Showing an optional cam strap on the scrubber. 2 are possible, if desired, or none. :)

Note - Both 6a & 6b can be done at the same time, if desired.

7) Attach Sunkmail Creations Travel Stand, if owned.

8) Do your hose routing to your preference. (See below for one possible option - I have since adjusted my routing further)
                    Standard Manifold Mount. Initial Routing - I have since cleaned up my hose routing a little. You can see some of the various holes in the frame allow for multiple routing options.

9) Go Dive!