Take a look at how much extra space the Original (Factory) KISS frame takes up, compared to the Travel Frame:

Top Left: 
    Side by Side 
            - The Tank mounting Brackets can be nested together, put into the corners of your bag, or where ever else you can fit them. 
                       The choice is yours, you are not limited by the assembled shape!

Bottom Left: 
    Relative Thickness 
            - The camera is on the floor, just in front of the Travel Frame main plate. The original (factory) frame is just beyond.
                        Look at all that wasted Air space!  (Sure, you could fill it with socks and such, assuming the frame fits in your bag!)

Bottom Right:
            - You can see how much more access you have to the CL's.  (They are still well protected once everything is assembled.)

Taken with the camera on the floor - to show relative height difference