KISS Classic Travel Frame

Have you ever tried to travel by plane with your KISS?    
            - I bet you didn't want to trust your kit to the luggage conveyor belts, drops, and possible mishandling. 

Have you tried to fit a complete KISS unit into a carry-on size bag?   
            - I bet you had trouble getting it to fit.

That is the primary reason behind the Sunkmail Creations KISS Classic Travel Frame!  
(Short Manifold mount shown)

Replacing your existing KISS Counter-Lung Case, the frame was designed to work with your 
Sunkmail Creations Universal CCR Travel Stand, or as a stand-alone accessory, to provide
support for your bottles, and to protect your counter-lungs.

Some of the benefits:
    - Marine Grade Aluminum
                - 1/4" For Structural Support and 1/8" for weight reduction.
                - Corrosion resistant and light weight - Weighs less than the original KISS Case!

    - Collapsible for Travel
                - When installed for use, it is as strong as if it were a single piece of Metal.                    
                - When not attached to the rebreather, each component can easily fit in any carry-on luggage.
                       - Even if not collapsed, the frame is smaller than the KISS CL case!
                - Quick & Easy to assemble/disassemble.

    - Easy Access
               - Virtually unobstructed access to the CL's and hose routing.

    - Modular Flexibility
                - Can attach virtually any cylinder size.
                - No Fear of Lung punctures? Not back-mounting your tanks?
                        - Remove the tank Holder/Lung protection brackets for an even lighter frame!
                - Using a Sunkmail Travel Stand?
                        -  Attach the bottom of the CL's to the stand base.
                    - No Stand? No Problem!
                        - Connect to one of the many securing holes on the base plate   .
                - LOTS of connection points for hose routing & accessory mounting
                - Need Extra Support of the Scrubber Cannister?  Strap it down! (Cam-Straps not included)
                - Can be made to work with virtually any rebreather that attaches to a standard BP/W.
                        - Why limit your possibilities to only one CCR?

                            Note: This Frame was designed specifically for the KISS Classic, and by extension, the KISS Explorer. 
                                             This Frame will also work with other Manufacturers' units, but is yet to be tested on any non-KISS models.

    - Manifold Mounting Options
                - Three different Manifold Mount Options available
                    - Standard:  Places the Manifold in the same (relative) position as the original case
                    - Short:        Moves the Manifold into a lower, more streamlined/compact position
                                                   - Requires possible resizing of your hoses
                    - Blank:         If you don't use the KISS Manifold.

For information on purchasing your very own Travel Frame, check out the 'How to Order' Page.