Who is Sunkmail?
So you want to know a little about me? Sure, read on:
My name is Scott, and I live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.
I've been diving since April 2005, and moved over to Rebreathers in January of 2008. Currently I hold certifications from various agencies, including Full Trimix on the KISS Classic.
Out of the water, I went into Electronics Engineering Technologies straight from High School. I worked for  several companies designing products in a wide range of fields, including Wireless communications, Medical Devices, Recreational & GPS equipment, and the parking industry.
After several years designing electronics systems, I had the opportunity to switch over to Mechanical Design, specializing in Sheet Metal designs. In this role, I designed a variety of items, ranging from simple brackets, to lot-style parking meters, to full sized environmental shelters, complete with lighting and security features. I have experience working with a wide range of materials beyond sheet metal, including plastics, cast iron, and wood.
I have since changed careers in a completely different direction ... I left engineering for health care. Currently, I am a radiographer working at a local hospital. It feeds my need to assist others, as well as my desire to work with technology.
However, I found my creative side needed an outlet - and here it is!
Welcome, again, to Sunkmail Creations!