July 30, 2014 

Due to significant events in my personal life, I am no longer going to be able to keep stock of any metalwork projects.

As a result, I need to clear out my inventory.  All in-stock Metalwork is 50% off, until sold!

Current inventory includes:

Travel stands:
           Handles, both styles
           Inflation bottle supports, Both Sizes
           Rear supports - For KISS/MEG, Sport KISS & Prism
                (No base components currently available)

KISS Classic Travel Frame - All Parts!  Full kits available

Prism Mini-Frames  - First Rev's - Some modifications may be needed.

Sentinel Travel Frames - Full Kits!  ($300 Sale price, for the whole kit!)

(Shipping extra)

This site is the central source of information regarding my Custom Designs and modifications for all 
things relating to my SCUBA & Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diving Equipment & Adventures, 

In addition, Custom Engineering Design services, for almost any application - not just diving, are available.

Sunkmail Creations' first, and Flagship, Product is the Universal CCR Travel Stand 
     - Please take a look, and don't let the name fool you; I'm sure it can be used with some SCR units too! 
  Combine the Universal CCR Travel Stand  with the new KISS Travel Frame for even better packing!   (And a price break!)

I love diving and enjoy coming up with new gear, or customizing what I already have. Anything offered for sale is to help out my 
fellow divers. 
I am NOT making a significant profit on my products. My goal is to cover all my costs. 

If YOU have any ideas of your own that need refining &/or proper 3D CAD/Drafting work to
complete the design, let me know - we can work something out.

See the Design Services page for more details. I believe my fees to be reasonable, and my work to be of high quality.
I hope you enjoy everything here and find the information useful.
Scott (aka, sunkmail)

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TillyTec - Modular Power Light System

This site is for informational purposes. Diving, especially SCR and CCR diving, is inherently dangerous. Sunkmail Creations, including it's owner, employees, and suppliers, 
DO NOT accept any responsibility for your actions. Any equipment purchased, or ideas gained, from this site are used at your own risk. Click here for our Privacy Policy.